My Story

I always knew I wanted to create for a living, studying art in each discipline, including fashion & textiles, trying to discover which I loved the most. It was one night while making my first intricate neck piece I realised jewellery had always been my passion.

I had been turning things into jewellery since my first ring at five years old - a glitter nail varnish painted washer with rhinestones. Back then my mother’s charm bracelet seemed like the most beautiful, special thing in the world, a magical treasure that held memories and meaning, I knew every charm and the story behind each one.

This is why I am always excited to create unique personal pieces, while they may be more edgy, dramatic, stylish or fun they will be loved by the wearer and cherished for generations just like the charms on that bracelet (which now includes additions of my own).

My mission is to blend modern imagery with personality and craftsmanship. I have over a decade of goldsmithing experience working with a leading Irish designer combined with a dedication to lifelong learning, striving to always enhance my knowledge and skills to create little works of art.

I truly believe the saying “Life is too short to wear boring jewellery.”